26 July 2009

Peter Gabriel at WOMAD

For as long as I can remember I've had a wish to photograph a big name concert and also to photograph Peter Gabriel in concert. On the 25th July 2009 at the Charlton Park WOMAD festival both of those ambitions merged into one and became a reality. Normally getting a decent camera into a concert and using it is all but impossible without a media pass. I'd tried in vain to get myself media accreditation in the days prior to the concert but in the end I was happy to have been turned down. The press were only allowed to shoot the first 3 songs and then they were gone.

With the help from Alan and Ian, two friends I have met at other Peter Gabriel concerts over the years, and a trick of bringing back two glasses of beer for them enabled me to get within 3 rows of the stage without actually having to wait there for 5 hours.

Peter and his band came on stage around 21:30 and played for around 90 minutes. The set list went something like this;

Boy In The Bubble
The Book Of Love
Come Talk To Me
Downside Up
Games Without Frontiers
No Self-Control
Big Time
Washing Of The Water
The Tower That Ate People
San Jacinto
Red Rain
Solsbury Hill

A couple of links of interest. Firstly to WOMAD, and secondly to an organisation that Peter strongly supports Witness.org.

I'm really happy with the results but you be the judge - take a look for yourself.


Intruder said...

Great stuff!

Basil Mienie said...

Peter Gabriel must be over the moon with these. This is class!!!! I feel privileged to know you. Baz

StacieDee said...

These are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing them.

Bill Ryan said...

Brilliant shots Mike. I thought they would be good, they are very good - well done mate!

Mallet said...

I think i was stood next to you!

Denise Walker said...

Wow, these are some of the best PG concert shots I've ever seen; great work!!

Chinatree said...

Wonderful shots Micheal, I was there and they're a great reminder of the set! Thank you:)

makissoflife said...

Fantastic work Michael! Thanks for sharing. You've nicely captured some very tender moments between Peter and Melanie. All of the pictures. . .very well done!

pd said...

Cool pics, were you the six foot seven guy in front of me as I was 4 rows from the front, stage left? If you were, thanks for letting me see what I missed ;-}

vorkosigan said...

oh bloody hell, these are lovely <3

jeremy said...

Great pictures, I bet you are pleased as punch with them. We were standing next to each other on Saturday and as I said I live close to you in Southampton. If you mail me we can arrange to go for a drink and discuss the concert in more detail. Jeremy

Rick Meeder said...

Great shots, great skill

Nicolas said...

Wonderful photos of a wonderful night!

Dan Beach said...

Great photos, Michael. Just brilliant stuff!!
Dan Beach
Tony Levin's web guy

Doug Jantz said...

Great shots of Gabriel!! Using the 70-200 2.8???

Jay said...

Fantastic work Michael!

Cristina said...

These are absolutely stunning shots, just the way a real fan sees Peter Gabriel!
And fantastic memories, too! Yes, I've been there!
Thank you so much