20 August 2009

RIP Jasmine Fiore

On Tuesday I received an email from ABC TV asking if I had any photos of a model I'd photographed in Las Vegas some years ago. I thought nothing of it, figured she'd made the news in a positive way or something.

It was only after I received an email from a photographer friend in California that I learned the horrible truth, she'd been murdered.

The following day I received emails from CNN, CTV, E! and a company offering to sell my images worldwide. A couple of them even asked if I knew her or her husband and one even wanted me to talk live on air about her.

Even if I had had something to tell them, I'd still have declined.

How do I feel about maybe making a few bucks off her photos? I'm not sure to be honest. The news companies are all commercial organisations and they make money off tragedies on a daily basis.

If it's good enough for CNN then it's good enough for me?

I hardly knew Jasmine, and we hadn't kept in touch since the shoot. She was a stunningly attractive woman and I was very pleased with the photos from the shoot we did.

RIP Jasmine.

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