12 November 2009

Guest Blogging

Congratulations, you've found my blog.

What exactly is guest blogging? Well, it's where I invite others to write articles for my photography blog. I'm looking for as much variety as possible for the blog, so I'm asking people that I've worked with over the last couple of years if they'd like to contribute.

A few subject ideas...

Business portraits
-- have they helped win you any business?
-- how are you using the photos? on websites, literature, forums, business cards...
-- any tips on getting the best out of a photoshoot?

-- how did you choose your photographer?
-- how did things go on your big day?
-- what questions did you ask your photographer?

-- how did you prepare for the photoshoot? (everything from dieting, makeup, outfits, posing etc)
-- how did the photoshoot go? (meeting the photographer, where you shot, any amusing stories etc)
-- how did you select the images from your shoot?
-- how you used the images after? comp cards, websites, business cards...
-- did the photos help get you noticed more? did you gain any business from them?

Obviously it would be great if you'd like write about our shoot, but if you want to talk about another photographer / photo shoot then that's cool. We just need their permission to use one or two of the photos from the shoot with the article.

Ideally photos need to be landscape in orientation, and approximately 660 pixels on the longest edge.

Please add any credits / website links / contact information to the article.

The articles don't need to be huge - infact it would be better to have lots of shorter articles over less long ones. Three of four good sized paragraphs would be perfect.

Thank you :)

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