19 November 2009

Magic behind the lens


By Tannis Miller

There is something about a successful photo shoot that makes you feel not only extraordinarily glamorous (because you do feel like a star!;) ), but it is almost as if every trace of inhibition that was once with you unravels like layers of an onion. In my own experiences with shoots, I have always worked with such great, experienced photographers who have made the shoots so comfortable right from the get-go, but it does always seem to take a few moments to break out of that shell completely! When this does happen, it all comes together. What’s left is nothing but your trust in the photographer, and their talent and eye that work together to create irreplaceable images!

The whole experience is like acting and the subject, the model, is the actor. If you think of it as slipping into a character and playing the role, it gives what you need to pull off certain shots without holding back, simply because you’re escaping into someone else. On the other side of the camera, the photographer is the film director, directing you into your most physically flattering angles while arranging the perfect lighting, all to create the most visually appealing image possible. A great photographer has a creative imagination and can produce interesting ideas regardless of the circumstance or location. This past September for instance, Michael and I shot in a dark parking lot on a gloomy, rainy afternoon. This could have been grounds for a lousy shoot, but with Michael’s talent and my positive outlook, we nailed some of my favourite photos yet! If you’ve been shown a glimpse of some of the amazing shots that have been captured straight out of the camera during a shoot, you’ll know what I mean when I say it can be a thrill! Actually, I remember during my first shoot, I could hardly believe it was even me in some of those shots –the work of a fabulous photographer goes a long way!

Like anything, practice is needed! Experienced models will know how their body positioning and facial expressions look best on film, but often only a few shots per shoot are actually used for anything. Only the very best shots should be released for marketing purposes, personal portfolio use, or any other use at all. You only want to ever show your best work!

Overall, when the right shots have been captured, the photographer and the model have connected successfully! It can be said that a good model can be just as important as a good photographer, but when the two are combined, the results can be wicked.

Tannis Miller
Fitness Model/Personal Trainer


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