29 November 2009

What happens at Christmas Parties

...  doesn't always have to stay there.

On the 28th November 2009 business people from all over the country from the UK's biggest joined up networking group, 4Networking had their Christmas Party at Rookery Manor.

While wearing my event photographers hat I try and capture the essence of an event without actually dictating what happens.  If you need an event photograph for either a photo-booth or to capture the goings on, please think of me.

What follows are a few memories of the nights events.

Happy people everywhere.

As well as a few disturbed people.

Not forgetting the beautiful people.

Striking a pose.

Some people were having too much fun.

He's 'armless really.

The face of someone who has just seen Brad Burton topless?

Some people were just generally confused.

Even the balloons were happy.

Some people really really do not like having their photo taken.

Never ever touch the hair of the person on the left.

There were legends a plenty in the room.

Man with horn.

No idea how to caption this one.

Hands up who hasn't wanted to hit Brad Burton with a big stick at some point?

Award winners.

Come on!

A legend getting an award.

Some people wore silly suits.

Fat men dancing.  Always good for a laugh.

If anyone wants to use any of the photos from the party for facebook, twitter, blogging, website etc I will be charging £15 for each hi-res jpg image.  If you use any, expect an invoice.  Just saying :)

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