30 January 2010

A comedy night out

The comedy night was already planned, but it was my idea to suggest turning it into a little charity bash for my good friend Pash.  As I couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery I've asked someone who has taken on the challenge of organising me to help make the event a success and raise a a few quid for Pash.   Step into the spotlight, the one and only Nagging Sue Pell!

"It's time for another night out, so.....

The date is THURSDAY 18 FEBRUARY, and the occasion is JAN JACK'S LAUGHTER-HOUSE COMEDY CLUB, the Milford Hall Hotel, Castle Street, Salisbury, SP1 3TE.....where the very famous BOB MILLS is appearing!

(Don't ask "Who's he?" - just look at the photo - you've seen him on telly!)

Also appearing is Andi Osho (She's a girl, and winner of the Nivea Funny Women Award, and ...yes, she's been on telly too)....

.......and 4Ns own Jan Jack will be doing a brief turn too.......(no different from the usual 4N meeting then!)

BUT this is a special night, cos as well as giving us  all another chance to socialise and have fun we will be raising funds for Pash.

The normal ticket price is £15 and Jan will donate £5 from every 4Networking member ticket sold to the Pash Fund.

We need to arrange bookings and payments to secure seats so please if you would like the chance to have a fantastic night out AND help someone that really deserves it please let us know your ticket requirements.  If that's too complicated you can book online through www.laughter-house.co.uk but there's a ticket agency who will charge a fee...

I will contact everyone individually that would like to book to arrange payment and advise ticket collection procedures.

Lets make this a South Coast 4Networking night to remember.   I WILL see you all there!"

Sue Pell
07927 139047

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