01 January 2010

A cover to start the new year with

It's always great to see my work in print, and a cover is that little bit more special.  On the last day of 2009 Fitness and Health magazine arrived on my doormat.  I've never heard of it before, but somehow IFBB Bikini Pro Leigh Lingham had and was able to get us the cover of this Netherland publication.

We started the shoot on an overcast British Columbia morning near Iona Beach near to Vancouver International Airport.  We managed about an hour there before being forced to find a new location by all the mosquitoes.  They were more of a nuisance and issue than normal because Leigh was due to step on stage in New Westminster later that day (an event where she was crowned Canada's first IFBB Bikini Pro).

We moved the shoot to where the cover shot was taken, an industrial area just over the Oak Street Bridge opposite the River Rock Casino.  I prefer shooting in "ugly" locations, to me they are much more interesting than "just another beach".  When you have a model with the same mindset, you can get some great images as a result.

I predict big things for Leigh in the coming years, she has the attitude to go as far as she wants within the crazy world of fitness and I can only wish her the very best of luck.  I was lucky to be there at the start of her journey and one of her first professional photoshoots and publications.

Leigh and her fiancée Dean are getting married in Las Vegas during 2010.  I had hoped to be their wedding photographer, but alas it was not to be.  I wish them the very best of days though.

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Karen said...

Woop woop Mikey!! Hope this is the first of many Palmer front covers.