06 January 2010

Desert Driving

On the first of my two visits to Las Vegas in 2009 I found myself on a photoshoot at the dry lake bed just off the I-15 to the south west of the city.

With me were Rob Riches, body builder Lisa Carrodus, and Caroline Pearce (Ice from Sky TV Gladiators).

Rob was filming my shoot with Lisa for LA Muscle TV.

While Lisa & Caroline were doing their make-up and getting into their first outfits I decided to amuse myself by driving the car around in circles on the dry lake bed like a crazy fool while Rob captured my stupidity on video. As it says in the clip, Rob did indeed destroy one of his video cameras by attaching it to the side of the car. D'oh!

Below is a short clip set to the wonderful ZZ Tops version of Viva Las Vegas.

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