27 January 2010

Great roadtrips

Today's photo was taken midpoint along the Redwood Highway in California, somewhere between Crescent City and San Francisco.

I've driven all across North America but the Redwood Highway is one of my favourite drives of all.  You can just about do it in a day if you don't stop too often, but next time I'm in the area I want to have more time there.   I have driven it 3 times now and each time its magical.  There is something about the trees and the ocean that makes it all so special.  The smell of the forest is also amazing.

This photo, if I can remember correctly was taken at the long end of a 100-400mm lens with a 1.4x extender bolted on.  The car in the distance was probably a good mile away from me.

Whenever I look at my photos from any of my road trips, it gives me in itchy feet and I want to go off and hit the road.  This year I think I want to stay closer to home as I'd really like to make a return visit to the northern bits of the Scottish Highlands.


Jennifer said...

I completely agree with the comment of getting itchy feet to travel whenever you look at old travel photos. It defiantly awakens the travel bug in me. There is nothing better that just hitting the road with no destination or real plan in mind.. I guess its the feeling of the open road....

Great capture on this photo Michael. I would love to drive this at some point.

Magda Sefcheck said...

Very neat article.