22 January 2010

I didn't break the baby

At the end of my portrait photoshoot with Sarah she asked if I'd mind taking a few photos of her with her 10-week old baby.  There was just enough winters light coming through her kitchen window so I snapped a few photographs.  This is my favourite.

Image information:  Canon 40D, 50mm f1.4, 1600 ISO, 1/90sec, f2.0.  Shot in RAW, edited in Bibble 4.

Just to prove to everyone that I am baby friendly and don't often break them, here is a snap that Sarah took of me.  I think it was the first time I've held a baby so young and tiny, so I was rather worried that I would break him.  To get his own back, he later poo'ed himself while sat on my lap.  After which I promptly gave him back to mother!

And yes, before anyone says it, I am aware that the baby has more hair than me!

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