23 January 2010

I'm a photographer...

In London today there are hundreds of photographers protesting against being stopped and searched by the rozzers under the "I'm a photographer, not a terrorist" banner.  I've done shoots in London and other cities around the world and thankfully so far haven't had a problem with being labelled a terrorist by officials.

This post isn't about that, it's about me being a photographer and from what people tell me doing it fairly well, but being generally a bit crap at the business and marketing side of things.  People will probably tell me off for being so negative, but the truth is my passion is in taking photographs, and the rest, well it simply bores me.

It's taken me until just recently to wake up and realise I need some help if I'm going to move my business to the next level.  So I'm starting to surround myself with good people who enjoy the bits I don't and ya know what, it's actually starting to make a difference.

I'm finding myself with more time to get out and do what it is that I love, take photos.

If you think you can help me in some way, please get in contact.


Doug Jantz said...

OK, Mike, great idea. How about going into what you are actually doing? Surrounding yourself with what type of people?

Jules said...

Make sure you surround yourself with friends rather than business people.... In the long run they will be more useful than some halfwit just trying to sell you something!