24 January 2010

Only the best

Sometimes I get asked by my clients, "but you've taken xxx photos, why are you only letting me choose xx"?

No, it's not because I'm being mean or lazy.  It actually goes back a couple of years to the first time I photographed a wedding.  I was working as a second shooter with a local photographer so I could get a feel as to how weddings worked (I had not been to one for years).

After the wedding he told me that I could use 30 for my portfolio.  Baring in mind that I'd shot over 500 images at the wedding, 30 seemed an impossibly small number to get down to.

It took me some hours, but get down to 30 I did.  It was a very useful exercise because I found myself using only the very best images from the wedding.

Ever since then I've limited the number of images my clients can select and use.   The upshot is they only use the very best images from out shoot, and in turn this makes both them and me look better as a result.  Sure it might take them a little longer to select down to the number, but trust me its a positive exercise.

The photo up top is one of my 30 from my first wedding.


Danny said...

Couldn't agree more. Digital has made it so much easier to shoot many, many images so that we can pick a few good ones from the resulting pile. But I also remain extremely fussy about what I think is good enough to show other people. I look at it from the perspective that whereas we might bracket exposure or focus before, we now have the capability to bracket subject matter and composition more than ever. As you say, once the chaff is sorted out, the hardest part is deciding which wheat you like the best.

Michael Palmer said...

Thanks for the comment Danny boy :)