24 January 2010

Serenity in Leicester

Last time I was in the Leicester area I had the misfortune of having a hotel and shoot in the city centre.  Neither the hotel nor the city centre were a place anyone would willingly choose to spend time.

However when I was there last week it was an entirely different story, my client had booked me into the Rothley Court Hotel, which is on the outskirts of Leicester and is totally wonderful.

According to the Rothley Court website it "has a long history dating back to the Doomsday Book of 1086".

As well as being a fine hotel, it would also make for a lovely place to get married.  It has its own chapel built into the hotel, stunning gardens.  I'd love to photograph a wedding here someday.

I was able to get an early check in thanks to my relaxed schedule that day, and by the time the posh breakfast with teapots and smoked salmon came in the morning I was completely chilled and ready for my headshot photoshoot 10 minutes down the road.  Happy days.

The Serenity sign was on a door opposite my room, I took a picture because it summed up my state of mind after just a night there (and also because it reminded me of one of my favourite films / tv series).

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