25 January 2010

Wedding Photography in Southampton | Winslow House

Today I'm digging back into my archives to May 2008 and the first wedding I ever shot solo.

Although I was confident with my photography skills I was nervous.  This was something new.  Normally I'm photographing one person at a time, or maybe a small group.  I'd never been in front of a room full of people before while trying to capture the shot.

I couldn't have asked for a better first wedding though, the couple Sue and Tony were two of the nicest people you could hope to meet, and they were both real characters so I knew the day was going to be fun.

After the service and reception at Winslow House in Southampton the reception party moved to "The Fisherman's Rest" pub in Titchfield a few miles along the M27.

The customary group photographs were taken in the grounds of Titchfield Abbey before we all retreated back into the pub where guests and photographer were all treated to generous portions of hog-roast.

It may have been my first wedding, but it still ranks as one of my favourites.

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