02 February 2010

Biggest dog ever?

Now I love dogs probably more than I like most people, but this one scared the crap out of me.  It wasn't aggressive in any way, it was just big, bloody big.

It was early in the year, around March or April and I was on a photoshoot in the Miami area.  I remember it being stupidly hot and humid even at sunrise when we started shooting on the beach.  It was so uncomfortable that we soon had to admit defeat and head back to the house where one of the models was living.  I had heard this beast of a K9 barking for the previous hour from a distant corner of the huge mansion like house.  I've seen smaller horses than this dog.

Does anyone know what breed of dog this is?

Yes I know it's a poor photo, but its all I've got handy.

We also used him as a prop for the shoot - below is a photo of that mornings pretty girl with the beast.

Update: Fast forward the best part of a year...  I've just had an email from Claudia Costa (the pretty girl with the beast), and she tells me that the dog in question is a Presa.  Thank you Claudia for clearing that up.  :-)


mgz said...

It's not a bull mastiff but I think he's in the mastiff blood line. Look up english bull mastiff dogs, they're the biggest dogs in the world. They're considered to be what lions are to cats.

Claudia Costa said...

well since he is my dog...i'm the model in the pic with him...He is a Presa...P.s. I dont remember getting this image?

michaelp42 said...

thanks :) i will edit the post.... i sent you all the photos from the shoot, so you should have got it.