07 February 2010

First dates with tea & cake

So I was kind of politely told off last week because in this persons opinion tea and cake wasn't an appropriate choice of activity for a first date.

I know there are many more exciting things you can suggest to try and impress someone on a first date but when you think about it, what is a first date about?   Getting to know the other person to see if you want to spend more time with them?  What better way to do that than with a chilled out meeting over tea and cake?

What should I do?   Continue with suggesting tea and cake, or something else?

Please leave your suggestions in the comments box below.

I thank you.  :)

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Alison said...

I think tea and cakes is a lovely idea! The venue will be quieter than a pub and will give you a chance to get to know each other and decide if it's worth seeing each other again. Plus I think a lunchtime/mid afternoon meeting is better than an evening one for the first time - if you get on really well you can spend the evening together too, if it doesn't go so well you can make up an excuse about having something planned for the evening and get away!