04 February 2010

Grey day in Southampton

I had a few spare minutes this morning on my way to a client meeting at the local Krispy Kreme outlet (gotta love clients who suggest meeting at a doughnut vendor!).

It was a damp, cold, ever so slightly depressing morning, and I wanted my photos to reflect the day.

I had parked on the top floor of the Bargate Shopping Centre carpark, and walked up East Street, along to the Bargate, and then in the back door by the book shop in West Quay.

I'm planning to photograph my home town more often this year.  I realised recently after living here my whole life I have no proper photographs of it.   Southampton really isn't as bad as this set of images make out.  It's not the prettiest city in the world, but it does have some nice bits.  I want to show it warts and all.


Jules Addison said...

Pictures are very good as they capture perfectly the desolation and despair that one feels when going to Southampton!

Joanne | Citylocal said...

These are great Mike - shame it's so depressing! Perhaps all it needs is a bit of sunshine? or would it be to come out of recession??