05 February 2010

Road Trip!

I enjoyed my 'little' 3000 mile / 10 day road trip from Las Vegas to Denver last year so much that I've been thinking ever since getting home in October just how I can better it and do something even more fantastic this year.

After weeks of thinking, I've come up with a cunning plan.

Currently my plan is to start in the Boston, and finish in San Francisco.  I'd take the more northern route across the USA, taking in New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Chicago, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Diego.  I did think about hitting up Florida, but the humidity there just sucks the life out of me, so unless I get some amazing offers it's probably not gonna happen.

What about Canada I hear some voice cry?  Not this year I'm afraid.  As much as I love Canada and Canadians, it's time to see some new places.

I haven't quite figured out dates yet, but I'd plan to start the trip sometime late August / early September time.  It would be my aim to be in Las Vegas for Olympia.  I'd end the trip early in October.

How to fund the trip is the next challenge.  To make it a little easier I've come up with the crazy idea of trying to crash in as many spare rooms / sofas as I can on my way across.  You see hotel costs on my extended trip across Canada last year almost killed me, and I figure if I can drastically reduce my accommodation costs then I'll have more money left for nice steaks, beer and cake.

So, if you're interested in shooting, giving me a place to crash, joining me for a beer, being a tour guide, or even joining me for part of the road trip, then please drop me a note and lets see what we can make happen.

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