14 February 2010

Salisbury by Night

Note to self.  When going on a night shoot, always, I repeat always, make sure you have a tripod with you.

As you may have gathered I foolishly forgot my tripod for my excursion to Salisbury last week.  It wasn't the end of the world, it just forced me to rethink the shots I had in my mind and do try something different.

It was a bitterly cold evening, and I was out with another photographer.  When we weren't eating chips from the local chip shop, or warming ourselves in Burger King over a cup of tea, we were mostly bitching about the cold and taking the piss out of each other.  Good times!

Here's a few of my favourites.  Enjoy.

Edit:  I always forget to include technical details.  All photographs taken with Canon 5d Mark II with 24-105L lens.  Almost everything taken at 6400 ISO, at F4 and shutter speeds ranging between 1/15 to 1/400.

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