08 February 2010

Southampton by night

No photoshop was used during the processing of these photos.

I was out taking some photos around my home city of Southampton last night and as I took the first of the photos in this series I was inspired by the classic Andy Warhol visual of old.  So I decided to leave the tripod in exactly the same place and take some more shots as the colours in the wall display changed.

Before last night I've never gone out in Southampton at night with the sole purpose of taking photographs, and I have to say I was quite disappointed with the efforts the local authorities have gone to to light up the old walls the city has.  Other than this wall (next to the roundabout near the DeVere Hotel if you're interested) there was nothing.  The streets and shops were all lit up just lovely, but not even the Bargate was lit properly.

Very disappointing Southampton.

I know it's another expense, and budgets are tight, but surely if the city invested more in this area, then the city would attract more tourists and more money.  The wonderfully lit arches here prove it can be done.

So come on you Southampton council folk, get off your arses and lets display our cities heritage off in a better way.

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Joanne | Citylocal said...

Hi Mike,
I really love that shot - it's stunning. I look forward to seeing more - I'm sure Southampton has a lot to offer - but you're right the walls are not invested in enough. I enjoyed walking the walls a few years ago, but I don't think they are at their full potential. Maybe one day!!