09 February 2010

Twisted Firestarters

Last Guy Fawkes night I was invited by Colin (above) to a firework display he was helping to set up in Christchurch.  It was a little different to your normal firework display, in being that all the fireworks were manually lit by hand.

Even when I'm not being paid, I'm always interested in events where I can get backstage as it were.  Being a general punter with the public isn't good.

The photo of Colin was lit with a regular LED torch, held in one hand while I had the camera in my other.  Interesting effect I hope you'll agree.

I'd decided I wasn't bothered about shooting the fireworks in the sky, everyone has seen shots like that, so instead I aimed my camera towards the boys setting off the fireworks by hand.  Challenging doesn't begin to cover it.  I was around 100 metres away (for safety), and the only light on my subjects was when a firework was launching.

Given the conditions I think I did rather well.  But you be the judge.

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