13 March 2010

Laughing at people

It was a rainy night in Salisbury and it was the second time this year I'd left home with the sole purpose of laughing at people for the evening.  The event was Laughter House in Salisbury which was taking place at the Milford Hall Hotel.

On stage were compare Phil Dinsdale, with comedians Jan Jack, Andi Osho and Mr Bob Mills.

The audience was partly filled by local business networking people.  A fiver from each of their tickets was being donated to the Pash4Cash fund.   Pash aka Sarah Howells is a local business woman and friend to many of us, founder of "The Passionate PA".  The fund has been set up by a couple of her close friends so she never needs to worry about money again.  For those who don't know Sarah's story you can find her blog here.

Okay, back with the fun stuff.  Another fine evenings entertainment was had.  Although I'm still not quite sure I liked it when the compare picked on the photographer!  It's funny really.  A few years ago I used to hide at the back of the room in comedy clubs, the thought of being picked upon almost scared me enough not to go into the room in the first place, now I've got so much more self confidence I'm up there towards the front shooting away.

Enough with my words, and on with a few photos from the night...

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