08 March 2010

A more sensible business portrait

Savour this photograph.  You don't often see Paul Newton (right) looking all sensible and serious.

This shoot, done in just a couple of minutes after Paul had stepped "off stage" from doing a few magic tricks during Wooden Tigers VIP Event at Business South 2010, were for a training seminar that Paul and James Brown (left) are doing in a couple of weeks time.

The blurb on the Facebook event says;

"At last, James Brown and Paul Newton are going to teach you - yes YOU how to use some of their techniques to gain the following:

More belief in yourself AND your business
More money by making employees and clients happier
More time - by getting other people to do more work for you - happily!
More Confidence - and easy access to it whenever you need!
More Understanding - ever had a "I wish I had done this instead" moment? We'll show you how to think outside that horrible box as and when it happens.

At just £35 of your British Pounds this is a bargain price for two most excellent people.

The event takes place at AFC Bournemouth on 22th March and runs from 0900 to 1230.

To book contact Paul via his website - www.paul-newton.co.uk

Oh, and just incase you thought the photoshoot was all sensible, you'd be wrong.

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