16 March 2010

My first sponsor

I now have a marketing department!

The wonderful Lisa Blackler from Honesty Marketing has come on board to help me market myself, the trip, the charities and to get some more sponsorship.

Lisa says this about herself  "Lisa Blackler created Honesty Marketing to bring her straight-talking, practical approach to real life business challenges. With 22 years experience and a lively, creative approach to business relationships, Lisa relishes a challenge."  She also said "Despite bearing a passing resemblance to Dot Cotton, Lisa has centuries of marketing experience. She is an incurable flirt and insists on being giving chocolate at every business meeting."

I'll leave it up to you to decide which version sums up the real Lisa Blackler best.

I am however very pleased to have her help.

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dumbarton said...

incredible things thanx :)