09 March 2010

A new character

I don't need a fancy studio. This set of photos of Jacquie was shot on location on the third level of the Bargate multi-storey car park in Southampton.

I'd parked there the day before and noticed how quiet it was, but more importantly I loved how the sunlight was bouncing off the white walls creating a natural reflector.

Not exactly the most glamorous of locations, but it's the end result that counts.  I'm really pleased with this set of photos.

After the shoot I walked up to my favourite camera shop, London Camera Exchange where I helped Jacquie buy her first digital slr, a Nikon D3000.  Even with me being a Canon man, it was the right choice.  With a 2 year guarantee and with the Canon equivalent D1000 feeling very cheap and plastic like, even I would have chosen the Nikon if I was buying my first proper camera.


Tom said...

Clever! This was all taken by natural daylight then, no flash?

Hermine Magnall said...

Hello could I quote some of the information from this post if I link back to you?