23 March 2010

The pipes are calling

This mornings shoot was all about pipes, hot water pipes, cold water pipes, waste pipes, air ventilation pipes, pipes for just about everything.

The lead photo was my one brief attempt at being creative, the rest of the photos were all quite normal.  Pipes are a serious business don't ya know?

The location, still very much a construction site, was one I'd driven by loads of times, the new police head quarters in Southampton.   The first thing I commented upon when getting on-site was how much bigger is was.  From the road all you can see is the 8-storey tower, but inside you can see the large parking structure, and lower 2 stories which form a much larger building.

After being all PPE'ed up I was escorted around the building and told which pipes to shoot.  It was my first time on a construction site, so it was all rather interesting.  I did sneak a couple of shots from the roof of the surrounding area - it was just a shame the weather was so crappy.

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