14 May 2010

A cold business shoot in London

It was May bank holiday weekend in London.  It was stupidly cold, pissing down with rain, and it was the nastiest conditions I've had to take photos in for a good long while.

We used a couple of Watford hotels, hiding under umbrellas and roofs to stay dry.

Did I mention how bloody cold it was?

We shot a little at the first hotel, then moved half a mile up the road to a slightly nicer one.  We shot inside and out, and got the results.  Hard work in such conditions, but we done did it!

Thank you to my models and lovely new clients Donna & Hannah.

It was cold though.  Did I mention that?


Suraj Sodha said...

brilliant pics as always mr p

Donna said...

It was indeed cold - especially outside in shortsleeves. Awesome pics though - thanks for your patience in the cold :)