07 May 2010

A magic evening of entertainment

I'd met 1001 Magic Nights organiser Samuel Kasrani at the Southern Lights Festival a couple of years ago.  So when I noticed on Facebook that he was putting on an event in Bournemouth I got in touch and asked to be a part of it.  He say yes.

There was some amazing talent in the room at Hamptons bar/club.  Including Chris Brown who spent most of the night walking around the room with a large crystal ball on his head.  James Brown who for me stole the stage show because he managed to "take" a watch from the wrist of a woman when that same woman was earlier in the evening demonstrating to me how difficult her watch was to remove and how he'd never get it off without her knowing.

Dr Balloon Man was creating some balloon works of art, better than anything I've ever seen before.  Clare Herbert captivated the room with her skills combining belly dancing and hoop.  I think I may have fallen in love with her!

Simon "Southern Lights" Chainey did an all too brief fire show, and Rudi the psychic somehow managed to "die" on stage for a minute by stopping his heart.

All of this was made even better because the performers were all working the room and doing their stuff to the audience while in the audience for a couple of hours before going on stage.

Lighting in the venue after it got dark was horrible, not helped by the stage spotlight failure.  I needed light so I had to use on camera flash with slow-sync for most of the evening.  I think it worked fairly well.

A brilliant night Kasrani!


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Suzy said...

Great photos from such a brilliant evening packed with creative talent.

Nice to meet you Michael.

When's the next event?