14 May 2010

One of the most photographed roads in the world

Pick up a holiday brochure featuring the American West and you've almost certainly seen this photo, or one very similar to it.

The road is in the bottom right hand corner of Utah, just a few miles north of Monument Valley.  I've driven it 4 times now, and each time I stop and take some photos.  The road is quiet, so standing in the middle of it is fairly safe ish.

This particular sunny morning back in October 2009 was the start of my 4th day without any connection with the outside world.  I had no local mobile with me, and my UK Blackberry had been out of service since entering Zion Canyon some days before.  I'd failed, and to be honest not tried very hard to find a wifi spot, so I was totally out of the loop.  Although I was still on schedule, Debra, the model who was waiting for me in Moab for my last photoshoot of my trip, had no idea where I was, or whether I was still going to be there.

Stopping for breakfast in the only place open in a town in the back end of beyond I eventually got a wifi connection, and caught up with the 15 or so emails Debra had sent.  She was in Moab waiting.  Opps!  Lucky we've shot several times before so we know each other.  The shoot did actually go rather well.

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