15 June 2010

Lighting with a torch & a crisp packet

I was lucky enough to be the official photographer again at the Southern Lights Festival this year.  I wanted to get some portraits at night, and decided to use my torch.

Shining the torch into peoples eyes was going to blind them, so I needed some way of diffusing the light.  Looking around the car the only thing I could find was the outer packet from a 6 packet of cheese & onion crisps.  I fixed it to the torch with a bit of wire I'd ripped from my car earlier in the day (the previous owner had wired in a handfree phone system that I no longer wanted).

Hardly the most glamorous of lighting solutions and the results weren't perfect.  I am going to have to find a difuser that lets a bit more of the light through.

It was quite fun to play with though.  I'll be posting some of the portraits taken with the torch later.

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