26 July 2010

Photoshoots in Las Vegas

Last night I was sent a copy of a tearsheet (see below) from Planet Muscle magazine from a shoot I did the last time I was in Las Vegas, and this morning I woke to an email from someone asking if I'd be at Olympia this year.

Before today I had my mind focused on shooting in Canada in August & September.  However confirming shoots this year in Canada seems harder than ever.    So I'm seeing it as a sign that Las Vegas is a much better idea, and therefore is much more likely to happen.

My plan is to travel out somewhere around 20th September and stay for 10-14 days.

Let the booking start today!

Also, someone has suggested that I come to New York City to shoot.  I've not been there in years, so would welcome an excuse to visit again.  It would have to be after Olympia though.

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