23 July 2010

Shooting with Gladiator Enigma, Jenny Pacey

This week I had the pleasure of working with athlete Jenny Pacey.  You might know her better as Enigma from the recent reincarnation of The Gladiators tv show.

Jenny is the third Gladiator I've worked with, the others being Caroline Pearce and Sam Bond.

We'd been talking about doing a shoot for some months now, and we'd already had to re-schedule once due to bad weather.  The heavy rain and fact I couldn't see much more than 100 metres on the M3 as I drove up didn't bode well, but the weather forecast was for showers so had to keep my fingers crossed it would be right.

We shot at Thames Valley Athletics Centre.  The weather didn't help things, and for most of the afternoon we were dodging the rain showers, but with the sun peaking out on a few occasions we got the shots we were after.

I had to balance myself on a steeplechase hurdle for part of the time, very hard to balance on a narrow beam while taking photos.

Jenny is a great athlete and model, and with a bit of luck she'll hit the long jump qualifying mark (somewhere around 6.50 metres I believe) which will take her to India for this years Commonwealth Games.

Most of the shots involved running and jumping, and I know I'm happy with the results!

Hair and make up was done by the fantastic Samantha Hosker.  Great work Sam!  :-)

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