23 August 2010

American Curves

The latest copy of American Curves Magazine landed on my doormat this morning. Although it's been a while since they used any of my photos, I'm happy to say my name is still listed as one of the photographers.  As you can see from the names above, I'm in some very good company indeed.  I'm rather proud to be one of the few photographers they use who is not based in North America.

I really want to change the fact that I've not been in there for a while, and I'm already planning a few shoots in Las Vegas to do just that.

I'm always looking for American Curves quality models to shoot, more so here in England, but also in the USA in September and October.

What do you need to be to be an American Curves model?  In no particular order, because they're all very important.

Confidence (Curves uses lots of butt shots, so thong bikinis etc is a must), a great figure, a good all over tan, you need to be able to do lots of different facial expressions, you need to be able to freely pose yourself...

I've probably missed something.  If you have some creative ideas to bring to the shoot, then our chances will only get better.

I should add, that although I sometimes do shoots for submission to American Curves, it is no guarantee of actually getting accepted by the magazine and published.  I know what they want, and I know how to shoot it, but the final decision of who gets in is in the hands of  Bob Kennedy and Rico Marques.


Gloriia Kim said...

Hi, I've been trying really hard to get into american curves. I do believe that I have what it takes ... Please send me an email in which I can send pictures.

Thank you so much !


Kia Ratcliff said...

Hi, I really would like for u to photograph me for the magazine how much do u charge. I think i got what it takes. I'm constantly getting comments on my figure and curves. I need all info I can get.