11 August 2010

Avro Lancaster PA474

The Avro Lancaster PA474 at last weekends RAF Lyneham Airshow was running about 15 minutes late, and there was a dirty big black rain cloud coming in so I was a little worried the Lancaster might have to postpone, or that the rain would come and it would be too wet to take photos.

The Lancaster arrived 3-4 minutes before the rain storm arrived.  We'd lucked out.  We had to run for cover shortly before the end of its display, but we'd seen it.

I remember when I was little my Dad had made me an Airfix model of a Lancaster that was hanging for my bedroom ceiling for years, it was probably the first plane I actually knew the name of.


Anthony Lloyd said...

Hi Mikey, another fabulous set of pictures after your Avro Vulcan ones earlier in the week.

The iconic Lancaster always reminds me of the 2nd WW tragedy of something like 55,000 Bomber Command aircrew who lost their lives - some say many of them unnecessarily!

Ian Collier said...

My mum made Lancasters during the war

Russ Hewer said...

Hi Mike, The Lanc is one of my favorite planes. When I was 13 years old, my Dad worked for the RAF at Marham in Norfolk on the Victor tanker. On the 57th. anniversary of 57 squadron, sponsored by Heinz, the Lancaster came in to land.

When everyone went to the showing of a film, my Dad managed to get me inside the Lanc and I was amazed by how flimsy and small it was. Men were so brave flying in that machine and I could not believe the limited room allocated to the rear gunner.

When I hear the four Merlin engines fire up at full power before take off, it always reminds me of that time and how much I miss my Dad?

Kind Regards