01 August 2010

Behind the scenes video of a location photoshoot

A few days ago I was doing a shoot at Portland Bill (one of my favourite locations) with model Sally Miller.  I had help from with lighting, video, and general piss taking from Karl (hairy biker), Paul, Carla (hairy bikers friend).

Photos from the shoot will be coming soon, but for now, please enjoy this video.

It was a fun shoot.  Thank you to everyone.

Special thanks go to Cosmic Picnic for letting me use one of their rather cool tunes.


Danny said...

That's cool beans Mikey. Loved it.

Sally has some crazy handstand skills. I could watch her for ages (and not just for the obvious reasons!) She r0x.

Be cool to see some of the shots from this mate.

Les said...

There was a great deal of talent in that photo shoot, Sally is a very courageous and skilled performer. Seeing as that was an alternate view of the results I am looking forward to the forthcoming photos. Well done everyone.