03 August 2010

A handstand & general bendy photoshoot at Portland Bill

I wanted to wait for Sally to send me her favourite images from the shoot, but I didn't have the patience so here are a couple of my early favourites from the shoot.

If you've seen the video, you'll know that Sally was indeed brave / stupid (delete as applicable) enough to climb up onto Pulpit Rock (Portland Bill) and do handstands on it.  It would have probably been very easy (not to mention safer) to photoshop Sally on top of the rock, but that would be cheating.  One thing with all my photos you see on my blog and portfolio is that none of them have been got at with photoshop.  They are what they are, no cheating involved.

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Russell Hewer said...

Dear Mike

I think that this is one of your great shots in terms of the two pictures show what has been achieved. The sharpness of the image at a great distance and the single pointed focus of Sally when doing the handstand over the edge of the rock

This would be great pictures if you could make it 10 feet high. See the expression of Sally’s face in contrast to the total size of the rock?

Well done Mike