14 August 2010

Pants, Girls, & Cupcakes!

Cupcakes and pretty girls wearing pants.  Does a shoot get any better than this?

The shoot was for Becky, the boss of Southampton based company whomadeyourpants?.   When I met with Becky to discuss the shoot a couple of weeks prior I made the suggestion to get see if Heidi at Cherry On The Cake might be interested in having some of her wonderful cupcakes incorporated into the shoot.

She was, and the dream shoot was on!

What with me being a bit rubbish at remembering names I had to call the models by the colour of the pants they were wearing, so we had red (Aimee), purple (Faye), black (Leanne), and the late comer, bump (Zan - because she is 7 months pregnant and was also wearing purple pants!).

A quick mention also to the pant designer and my reflector holder for the afternoon, Emma, and also to stylist Anna.  It was a pleasure to meet and work with all of you!

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