01 September 2010

First South African Publication

It's been a week of firsts.  My first Indian wedding, my first wedding in London and today I receive a copy of my first South African publication!

Good times indeed.

I photographed Leigh in August 2009, on the morning of the day when she won her IFBB Bikini pro card.  We were shooting in the not so glamorous Richmond / Airport area of Vancouver.  We decided to move the shoot part way through because we were all getting bitten to death by mosquitoes.  I was quite well covered, but Leigh, obviously couldn't be and I was a little worried the bites might effect her chances in the competition later that day.

With the help of Dean, her then fiancée, now husband, we had a great shoot as I hope these photos show.

Interesting use of the photos by MEM, cutting out the backgrounds is not something that magazines normally do to this extent.  Looks good though!

Big thank you to Muscle Evolution Magazine and of course to the stunning Leigh Brandt.

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