03 September 2010

An Indian Wedding in Southampton

I've never photographed an Indian wedding before so when I got the last minute call to be the photographer for the grooms side of the family last week it peaked my interest.

I wasn't familiar with the Indian culture, so I had no idea what to expect.   All the weddings I've shot before I've been there on one day, and that's it.  This one I was there on and off over 4 days, including from 9am thru till 1am the following day on the actual wedding day.  Not quite my longest day of photography ever, but close.

For most of the time I didn't have a clue what was going on, there were ceremonies and traditional stuff happening, so I did my best to get good photos.  Most of the ceremonies took place in the grooms and brides house, and that normally meant as many people in the room (small rooms at that) as possible.  Photographing wasn't easy.

There were coach rides, two white doves, a horse-drawn cart, lots of colours, a marching band, lots of alcohol, and the loudest DJ ever entertaining 500 people at the Southampton Guildhall.  If I had to sum up the wedding, it would have to be that Indians sure know how to party!

Congratulations to Gurpal & Sukchan!

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Steve said...

Hi Michael. Congratulations on the photos. This is a good shoot. We provide decorated white Wedding Horses for Indian Weddings throughout the UK and always enjoy the splendour and excitement at these events. We provided the Wedding Horse at the Bollywood Baraat in Southampton and I also had problems trying to find auspicious angles for good photos because of the large audience.
Wishing you all the best.
Steve Asian Wedding Horses UK