22 September 2010

Shooting Allison Moyer

Today I had the pleasure of working with fitness model / athlete Allison Moyer.  We did most of the shoot around the pool at The Orleans, but towards the end we ventured into the parking garage.  Although we'd asked security on the way to the pool if it was okay to shoot there, a jumped up security nazi stopped us 15 minutes into shooting in the car park.  We were disturbing no one, had permission, but apparently we had to talk to Lieutenant Buttwad (that may or may not have been his name) to get his approval before we could continue shooting.

I wanted to keep shooting a bit longer to catch some of the amazing late afternoon light, but with the security nazi stopping us, and with neither of us having a car to go elsewhere, we were forced to finish the shoot there and then.  Thankfully we had some pretty good shots in the bag, and more importantly Allison was happy with what we'd done.

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