30 September 2010

Shooting a fitness model in a nice hotel room

I don't like to do shoots in hotel rooms often, but sometimes circumstances force my hand.  By the time Cheri and I decided to shoot (just a few hours after we met at Marc Thyssen's Planet Muscle group shoot) it was dark out.  Marc kindly let me borrow one of his lights, and while he was shooting his own pretty girl in another room, Cheri and I shot.

Cheri was in amazing shape for the shoot.  I love working with models in such great shape.  My favourite photo (above) makes her look so much bigger than she really is.   Working with one light means you can create some quite dramatic lighting, which I find really helps to capture "muscle".

Below is a fun snap I took to show the issues involved when shooting against floor to ceiling windows at night!  The light makes them look like a near perfect mirror, but really these were the windows in the Mandalay Bay and outside was an amazing view all the way down the Las Vegas strip.

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