02 September 2010

Shooting a pretty girl in Southampton

August Bank Holiday Monday in Southampton might have been a bit of a gamble with the weather for a location shoot.  However it worked out perfectly.  After a slightly cloudy and slow start to the shoot we were treated to some perfect afternoon sun.

It was my first time working with Czech Republic model Eva, and also my first with my lighting director (big shiny silver thing holder), Pete K.

We started the shoot with a chat over drinks at the Holiday Inn hotel in Southampton before heading out to shoot.  As I said, the shoot started slowly.  This is fairly normal when working with a model for the first time, but the long breaks while the sun was hidden behind the clouds weren't helping matters.

Having run out of locations to use in the centre of Southampton (it's hard doing sexy swimsuit stuff when there is people around), I decided to move to a location in Nursling that I've used a couple of times previously.  The location, down a back street is quite industrial and dirty, but I knew it would be quiet.

A couple of "lads" arrived in a van shortly after, and they offered to let us shoot inside the scrap yard that had previously been locked.  They were making a few inappropriate comments towards Eva, but their goodwill gave us access to a fun location so we had to grin and bare it.  In the end I decided it was best we vacate the scrap yard, so we packed up, I drove around the corner, waited for a bit for the lads to go about their way before returning to the road to finish our shoot.

It was quiet a challenge choosing the photos from the shoot for this post, I've made a concious decision to keep the more raunchy images off the blog, and finding my favourites from the less sexy images was hard work.

The shoot was for a submission to American Curves, and as always it's bit hit and miss, some you win and all that.  Fingers crossed Bob & Rico like Eva's photos.

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