01 September 2010

Worst weather I've ever had to shoot in

Last Wednesday I had a fitness photoshoot with Henrik scheduled.  The day before I checked the weather forecast, it looked bad.  I gave him the chance to re-schedule, but he'd been dieting and training hard for Wednesday, and was travelling at the weekend so re-scheduling wasn't an option.

The day came, and the weather was indeed awful.  Cold, wet, and windy.  It's at times like this I wish I had a studio.

So to plan b it was.  We started the shoot in the Bargate Centre multi-storey carpark in the centre of Southampton.  This time instead of holding a reflector, my assistant was holding an umbrella over the camera.  A couple of outfit changes later and we were ready for a hot cup of tea.

Next location was under the car park at the East Street centre.  It was a little odd for me because my Gran used to live right opposite, and I can imagine her looking out of her kitchen window and enjoying the sight of Henrik!

The last location, and the coldest, wettest and windiest of all was near the Itchen Bridge.

Shoot over, we battled through the worst than normal traffic to the DeVere Grand Harbour Hotel where all three of us enjoyed a big fat burger!

It was easily the worst weather I've ever had to shoot in, but strangely I still enjoyed the challenge, and I really rather like some of the moody photos.


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Lesley-Anne Hornbogen said...

Fantastic photos as always Mikey. As for the body - well I wouldn't be able to cope myself :-) Obviously very fit!