28 October 2010

A fitness photoshoot in Basingstoke

As anyone who read my Twitter status updates on Sunday afternoon will know, Basingstoke is not exactly one of my favourite cities.  To say I dislike the city would be an understatement.  Of course it wasn't helped by my stupid Tomtom sat nav taking me to the wrong place, and then me driving aimlessly around trying to find the gym we were to meet at shoot at.

To make matters worse, I'd forgot to ask for the mobile number for my subject, Darren Essex and he didn't have mine either.

Anyhow, ever-so-slightly stressed and an hour late I finally found Darren and the gym.  I'm normally early for everything, but Darren was thankfully cool about my tardiness.

My favourite photo from the shoot is above, shot only with daylight coming in from a window to Darren's left.

Special thanks to Georgiana for helping out throughout the shoot!

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