18 November 2010

Dungeness is weird

I made my first ever visit to Dungeness over the weekend.  It's a weird place.  To be honest I didn't know what to expect, other than it had a thumbing great big nuclear power station there I knew nothing about the place.  I'd done no research, and looked at no photos.  I've found this to be a better way of living life than knowing what to expect all the time.

It looks like no where else I've visited in the UK, or indeed anywhere else for that matter.  It doesn't even feel like you're still in England.   The only places "open" were a greasy spoon cafe, the Britannia Inn pub that collects keyrings, and a rather weird, but rather cool mystical gift shop.

It was a grey overcast day, with rain only a few minutes away, so I've taken and processed my photos to reflect that.  I'm probably painting quite a depressing picture of Dungeness, but truth is that I really liked it, and I'm hoping to return in 2011.

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