04 November 2010

Fitness & yoga with Noy Alexander in Las Vegas

After a two year break I got to work with one of my favourite models, Noy Alexander, again during my recent trip to Las Vegas.

We did two shoots, both in very nice houses with beautiful pools.  For the second shoot we almost ended up shooting in a famous boxers house, but apparently he was at the bank and not answering his phone quickly enough.  Next time Noy?

It was during the first shoot that I accidentally broke a wooden chair with my face after falling on a step I hadn't seen.  It hurt like hell, but it was rather amusing, and after dosing myself up on painkillers the shoot continued.  Sorry Angie for breaking your chair!

We shot lots of outfits, some bikini, some lingerie, and of course the fitness shots you see here.   My fingers are crossed that some of the shots of Noy will again be published in a magazine or two.

Thanks Noy for two great shoots!

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