26 November 2010

Photographing bodybuilder, Helen Lindsay

My first shoot with Helen Lindsay was 12 days after the NPA British Natural Body-building Championships (which she won the womens' body-building heavyweight class AND the overall) and a week before she competed on stage at the INBF Worlds in Manhattan, New York City which she won amateur women's body-building.

Big congratulations for both achievements H!

We shot at Castle Gym in Windsor.  Over a cup of tea prior to the shoot Helen told me she wanted a "dark, dirty" look to the photos.  This was a good thing, as it meant I didn't have to drag my lights out of the car and trail mains cables around the rather busy gym for everyone to fall over.  The shoot was to be done with natural and available light, always my favourite way to shoot.

Thanks Helen for a wonderful shoot, and also special thanks to Jerry her boyfriend and tea boy!  I've never drunk so many cups of tea on a shoot before!

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