11 November 2010

Photographing Sunseekers

Yesterday with the help of some contacts from the model I was working with, she managed to get us a couple of very nice Sunseeker boats to do the shoot on.  While she was getting changed and doing the normal girly stuff, I took a few minutes to take a few photos of boat of the boats.

We had two boats, a Sunseeker Manhattan 68, and a Sunseeker Predator.

These are just snap shots, the boats were not staged, neither were they spotlessly clean (dust & fingerprints you'd miss with the naked eye are much more visible on camera).  I didn't use a tripod, was shooting at a higher ISO that I normally would for this kind of job, and I only spent 5 minutes max taking the pictures on each boat.

Although all that said, I'm quite pleased with the results.  Now to find a paying job taking photographs of sexy boats in a hot place.

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