08 November 2010

Wedding photography in Lichfield

The weekends wedding ticked a few "first time" boxes for me.  The first time I've travelled and stayed overnight in the UK for a wedding, my first civil ceremony wedding, and the first time I've photographed a wedding for a friend.

I've become friends with people I've done weddings for, but shooting a wedding for one of my oldest friends was a first.  I've known Tina since college, which is a tad over 20 years ago.  We lost contact for much of that time before finding each other a year or so ago thanks to the power of Facebook.

When I found out that Sam & Tina were getting hitched, I volunteered my services.  They accepted, and the rest is history.

The drive up from Southampton, via a fitness photoshoot on route in Windsor, was awful.  The M40 in the pouring  rain, filled with numpties all driving too close and braking every few seconds is not a fun place.

With the weather the evening before being so bad, I can't have been the only one worried what it would be like on the big day.  It turned out to be a perfect Novembers day, a tad chilly maybe, but the sun shone from sunrise to sunset.

The venue was Packington Moor Farm, just a few minutes outside of Lichfield in Staffordshire.

I'll let my pictures do the talking for the rest of the day...

Huge congratulations to Sam & Tina!  Enjoy your honeymoon in the sunshine girls!

Update:  Apparently the funky green shoes are from Iron Fist - I've been told by someone that they're "the best wedding shoe choice ever!"

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