30 November 2010

A world exclusive

The location was a freezing cold personal training gym in deepest darkest North London.  My subject for the day was Antony Tagliamonti.  It was so cold that even after several hours of having 2 mini fan heaters going, it still wasn't warm enough to take gloves or fleece jackets off.  Brrr!

These first photos from the shoot feature an invention by gym owner John Fortey (john@innovation-fitness.co.uk 07719 566 126) , and over to him to explain a bit more about it.

"Core Fighter is the ultimate piece of equipment for dynamic sports conditioning. As any Combat athlete knows, it doesn't matter how hard you hit a punch bag or focus pads, it will only improve your technique but do very little to improve the power of a punch or kick as you're not working against any resistance.

Modern combat athletes move in many different directions and have a multitude of directional forces that need to be overcome to generate movement strength. Core Fighter offers the versatility to load those movements in a safe and relatively risk-free manner. Core Fighter also allows the user to generate fast, explosive movement without the need to emphasise to much control on the deceleration phase."

Apparently I am the first photographer to shoot with it, so by default it's a world exclusive!

Here's a quick snapshot taken with my mobile phone showing John and his invention.  Whatever you do don't ever press the big blue button!  Rumour has it that he's going to try and get the machine featured in the next edition of the Angry Birds game!  ;-)

Anyway, enough with my lame attempts at humour, and back to the serious photos with a few more of Antony showing the many ways that John's invention can be used.

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